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The Other Fifty Percent is a kind of 'community blanket' that looks towards married couples and individuals, as well as personal Christian growth.  Hosted by married couple Beth and JT, who have felt a passion in their lives to be a part of a community that sees through the idea that we can all be a part of the other fifty percent.  The statistic of fifty percent of marriages is no longer a truth, but the idea of wanting to be a part of the fifty percent of marriages that work is incredibly real.  We believe this also directly translates to the idea of being a part of a Christian community that embraces the idea of searching for truth like in 1 Thessalonians 5:21 and be able to actually defend the truth like in 1 Peter 3:15.

What We Do >

Growing list of free resources.  That is the main point.  We are fully aware of how many different ministries there are for marriages and spiritual growth, for both cost and no-cost.  We have started this site to start a conversation, not a business.  Everything we will ever release or publish will be available on this site for no charge.  This starts with our blog, 'Love Makes Life Sweeter', continues with our ebooks, and will look for all innovations to bring our Christ-centered community to everyone.  And it isn't just for stuff written by us, if you feel what you have written can make a difference and you want to offer it here, we will be glad to review it and consider including it as one of our free resources.


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